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IceChat 9 can run as portable, without being installed.

The portable file is found on IceChat download page.

Extract the zip content into any subfolder which is not under %ProgramFiles%. For example: c:\portable\IceChat.

Then, run the program.

If you wish to run IceChat 9 on its own, and not use the standard AppData folder for where it saves its data, use the following command.

icechat2009.exe -profile "C:\path\to\folder"

As with the installed version there are two ways to initially run IceChat 9: Import existing settings from IceChat 7 or starting with a clean setup. See the details for each option here.

Plugins and Emoticons

The common plugins and emoticons that come with the installer, are not bundled with the portable version. They can be downloaded independently from the site's download page.

Each of the packs need to be extracted and moved to its expected location:

The plugins should be placed in a Plugins subfolder under the program folder. For example: c:\portable\IceChat\Plugins.

The emoticons should be placed in a Emoticons subfolder under the Data Folder.

Under Windows 7 (and later), for a user named Ice9, the default Data Folder location is C:\Users\Ice9\AppData\Local\IceChat Networks\IceChat.

For the above example, the extracted Emoticons folder should be moved to C:\Users\Ice9\AppData\Local\IceChat Networks\IceChat\Emoticons.

For more on possible locations and options for the Data Folder, see the Multiple Instances page.