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IceChat plugins are a way to enhance the client functionality.
The source code has a Plugin folder, with a Blank Plugin template to work from.

All installed plugins must be placed in a Plugins subfolder under the installation folder (which by default is located in (%ProgramFiles%\IceChat9)

The Plugins Folder can be opened from the Browse Plugins Folder under the Help menu.

Initially, IceChat comes with an optional Highlite plugin. Several others are available for download on the IceChat 9 Plugins of the site's download page, each listed below.

Google Plugin

This plugin performs a Google search.

Type !google in the Input Line, followed by the desired search string.
Several (usually 5) top results will be displayed on the current tab.

High lite Plugin

This plugin highlights user defined words on a channel window.
It's settings tab is part of the Colors settings of IceChat and explained there.

Nick High Lite Plugin

Similar to the High lite Plugin, this plugin highlights nick names on the Nick List window.
It's settings tab is part of the Colors settings of IceChat and explained there.

Simple Script Plugin

This plugin allows the user to define some commands in response to events.

To add or edit a command, open the IceChat Editor from the Tool Bar or the Options menu entry, or by the key shortcut CTRL+S.

The Simple Script tab lists all the existing commands. Each command can be temporarily disabled by un-checking its checkbox.


Each command is edited in the Script Item window.


The example in the screenshot is designed to help erroneous join statement in #IceChat channel.
If a user type join #channel (without '/') in #IceChat channel, the following message will be displayed:
To join a channel, type /join #channel

Script event
Choose the required event from a list. The command will be triggered when this event occurs.
Text to match
Type the text that will trigger this specific command. The text can be a regular expression, as in the above example.
Channel/ Nick match
where would the command be performed. In the above example, the command will only be displayed in #IceChat channel.
In case of a nick, the command will be displayed in response to that nick only.
Command to run
Any IRC command can be used and it can include IceChat Identifiers listed on the Identifiers page or the Colors' Messages page.

Twitter Plugin

The Twitter plugin display tweets from the users listed for it, in colors to differentiate between the accounts.
To set users to be displayed, open the Settings window of IceChat from the Tool Bar or the Options menu entry, or by the key shortcut CTRL+P.


The tweets can be displayed on a single @Twitter tab, or on a separate @<user name> tab for each user.

Buzzen Plugin

This plugin connects a user to the Buzzen chat network. The first time this plugin is used, IceChat requests the email address registered with Buzzen, and the password.

These are sent to the server for authentication, during connection.

Channel Monitor

Using this plugin you can see messages from various channels in a single window.


The plugin's effect can be switched on or off by right-clicking on the Server Tree channel, and checking / un-checking it.


If, for some reason you cannot see the plugin's window under the status bar, try the following:

  1. Make sure the plugin's dll is located in the Plugins folder (see above)
  2. Check that the plugin is enabled in the Options -> Loaded Plugins -> Channel Monitor (under the main menu)
  3. If the plugin is enabled, and still no window is displayed, disable the plugin and then re-enable it


Decide Plugin

This plugins returns a random string from the several provided strings.
!decide string 1,string 2,string 3 ,.....
Each time the command will return one of the strings randomally.

Bible Plugin

This plugin returns a quote of a requested verse.
!bible [book name] [chapter:verse]

!bible Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use will eat its fruit

IceChat results are from the site