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New Server/ Network

A Server is added or edited via the Server Editor. When creating a new server, the Server Editor is opened with the minimal set of options which is required to have a functional new server.

This minimal set of tabs and options is described under the Required heading.
The full set of options is described afterwards, in the following sections.

Adding new server/ network is easy:
Press the Add button on the lower part of the Server tree.

A new server window is opened. This is the Server Editor window.


Required Settings

Main Settings tab

the name of the server to connect to. For example
the username you wish to use on this server.

AutoJoin tab


Type the channel/s name to which you want to join automatically. If the channel has a password (key), add a space after the channel's name, and then type the password. Press the Add button to add the channel to the list of AutoJoin channels.

Remember to add the # (pound) sign before the channel name.

After filling the above information, press the Save button.

The server is displayed on the Server tree list, and can be connected.

There are two ways to connect a server:

  • By using the Connect button on the bottom of the Server tree list
  • By right-click the server in the servers list, and selecting the 1st option there, Connect

Default Settings

In addition to the above, the following settings are available:

Main Settings tab

Display name:
the name that will be displayed on the server tree list. for example my_nick@freenode
Ident name:
used as part of the host name on the nick list
Quit message:
when using the default $randquit, a random funny message is displayed when the user leaves a channel. Any message can be set instead.
The port used for the connection.
If Alt nick and Away nick are left blank, IceChat9 sets them automatically based on the selected nick. Example:
Nick: IceChat9
Alt nick: IceChat9_
Away nick: IceChat9[A]
Connect with IPv6:
for those who have IPv6 connection.
Connect with SSL:
if the server/network has an SSL connection. In this case, the port number should be changed accordigly.
Accept invalid SSL certification:
If the previous option is selected, it is highly recommended to check this option.

Extra Settings tab

Set mode +i on connect:
sets the user mode to invisible when connected to the server. See Wikipedia for more on IRC modes.
Show MOTD on connect:
displays the server's Message of the Day.
Show PING PONG message:
By default these messages are not displayed. These messages test the connection with the server.
Rejoin channels on connect:
Whether to automatically rejoin the open channels when reconnecting to a disconnected server.
Disable CTCP replies:
If enabled, will disable sending CTCP replies to anyone who sends one
Disable away/ return messages:
If disabled, the client will not inform the server when the user is idle. TBV
Connect on startup:
Whether or not you want to connect to this server when the client starts.
Ping timer (minutes):
The interval for the PING messages.
The encoding to be used for the server. The default utf-8 value is recommended.
Server password:
If the server requires a password, enter it here
Nickserv password:
If you have registered your nick on the server, adding the password here will allow IceChat to identify with the nick server automatically.
If the server supports SASL then you can check the Connect with SASL checkbox.
The user and password would be the same as for the nick server. TBV
Extended join:
If enabled, the client will display extra information on a channel join
Away notify:
If enabled, the client will notify the server when the user is idle.
Account notify:
If enabled, the client will notify when a user in a channel has changes accounts in services

Auto Join tab

Enable AutoJoin:
This checkbox is enabled automatically when adding a channel for the first time. when unchecked, none of the channels on the list will be automatically joined.
AutoJoin delay:
Will delay joining to the first channel by the 5 seconds. This allows time for certain commands to be completed, such as the identification with the nick server.
Delay between joins:
If checked, there will be a delay of 1 second before each of the channels listed in the AutoJoin window is joined.

AutoPerform tab

This editor allows the user to perform commands after the server is connected.
The commands can be any regular IRC commands. TBC
Each command should be in a separate line, starting with / (slash).
The whole set of commands will only be performed if the Enable AutoPerform checkbox is checked.
If you want to disable 1 or more lines in the AutoPerform list, start the line with a ; (semi-colon)

Buddy List tab

If you want to be informed when certain users connect or disconnect to/ from this server, add their nicks to the list.
When a buddy connects or disconnects to/ from the server, there will be several indications:

  • The server name on the Server tree will be highlighted with the Buddy List color.
  • The Console tab on the Channel Bar will be highlighted with the Buddy List color.
  • The Buddy list window will list the nick under Connected or Disconnected according to that user's status.

Buddy list announcement will only be performed if the Enable Buddy list checkbox at the bottom, is checked.

Default Server Settings

This tab is shared among all the servers defined for IceChat 9. If no specific data is inserted when creating a new server, the values from this tab are used.

Advanced Settings

Pressing the Advanced server settings displays additional tabs.


Ignore List tab

This tab is similar in looks and UI to AutoJoin tab.
Adding any nick name to the list will prevent texts from this nick to be displayed on any of the channels of that server.

The . (dot) character can be used as wildcard.
Assuming several bots on channel(s) of a certain server, with the following nick names:
If you want to ignore them, you can add .bot to the Ignore List instead of listing each one separately.

The Ignore List will function only if the Enable Ignore List checkbox at the bottom is checked.

Notes tab

This is a place to keep some notes regarding this specific server. TBV

Proxy Settings tab

Check the Enable Proxy Connection checkbox if you need to connect through a Proxy Server.
Add the proxy information: IP address and Port number.
If the proxy requires username and password, add these as well.
Choose the relevant protocol as required by the proxy server from the list.

BNC Settings tab

Check the Enable BNC Connection checkbox if you need to connect to your BNC.
Add the BNC information: server address, port number.
If the BNC requires username and password, add these as well.

Additional Settings

  • Display Name: It is possible to set a color for the server name on the Server tree the same way as setting the colors for Advanced messages.