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IceChat 9 is the latest version of the IRC client which first came out in 2002. It is a complete re-write of the client using C#.Net.
IceChat is user friendly, customizable and very stable IRC client. It runs on all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.


Some of IceChat 9 main features are:

  • Flexible GUI.
  • Independent plugins can be developed to expand the basic features.
  • Unicode support.
  • Built in SSL support and SASL.
  • Customizable Emoticons
  • Multiple servers support, keeping separate settings for each server.
  • Custom Popup Menus for different window types.
  • Customizable themes.

Where to Start

IceChat 9

There are several options to get the binaries for IceChat:

Full Install
See details here.
Portable version
See details on the Portable page.
Building from Source code
Code gets additions and fixes more often, so building from the source is useful. It is also very easy. The instructions are here.

Following are other pages that are useful to start with.

For adding servers, or understanding the numerous options available for servers, go to the New Server page.

Extensive information on IceChat GUI is found on the Layout page.

The Settings page explains the options available for IceChat.

In addition, the Category:IceChat 9 shows all the available pages for IceChat 9.

Information for advanced usage is listed in pages under the Category:Advance Usage category.

The list of available categories is found here.

IceChat 7

IceChat 7 information is found here.

Where to find us

Who are we

IceChat was created by Snerf. He created the first version back in 2002, and kept renewing them ever since.
You can find more info about the history of IceChat, with screenshots from earlier versions, on the screenshots page. The story of IceChat 9, also with some screenshots, is on the IceChat 9 page, both on the main site.

This wiki was created and is maintained by IceCold.


IceChat 9 is a free Open Source developed under the GPLv2 license.