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Inorder to run IceChat 9 runs on Linux follow these steps:

IceChat 9

  1. Install the mono package.
  2. Get the Icechat source from github
  3. Extract the zip content under some folder for running.
    Let's assume it is placed under the home folder as follows: ~/IceChat9-source/
  4. Open the terminal in the build sub-folder of the source
  5. run the following:
    [user@userHost build]$ sh
    Long build messages are displayed. At the end you should see the following messages:
    Build succeeded.
    	 0 Warning(s)
    	 0 Error(s)
    Time Elapsed 00:00:14.4694500
    Completed! Files copied to the IceChatBuild folder

    The build folder now contains a new sub folder named IceChatBuild

  6. Copy / rename that sub-folder to anywhere you want IceChat, for example, as ~/IceChat9
  7. Run the following command in a terminal
    [user@userHost IceChat9]$ mono IceChat2009.exe
  8. Icechat 9 will run, and create its data folder under ~/.local/share/IceChat Networks/IceChat/
    If you like the Data folder someplace else, use the following command:
    [user@userHost IceChat9]$ mono IceChat2009.exe -profile [path/dataFolderName]
    For example:
    [user@userHost IceChat9]$ mono IceChat2009.exe -profile myProfile
    will create a data folder named myProfile under the IceChat9 folder.

When IceChat runs for the first time, it offers to import setting from its predecessor, IceChat 7. See First Run for details.


At the moment, there are some networks that cannot be connected with SSL. this is being worked on, and will be updated when fixed.

A desktop shortcut can be created for the command line above to be placed on a panel or anywhere else
Following is an example of IceChat9.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=The Chat Cool People Use
Exec=mono /home/user/IceChat9/IceChat2009.exe

The IceChat 9 icon can be copied from the source tree in (TBD)

The above was tested with Manjaro distro in July 2017, with mono version 5.0.0